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Peperomia Santorini

Peperomia Santorini

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Potsize (diameter): 12 cm, Approx Height: 20 cm.

Supplied in a plastic pot. Fits our Pisa Pot or Alicante Plant Pot 15 x 14cm.

Please be aware that Peperomia are delicate plants that are prone to losing leaves during transit, but don't worry you can propagate these leaves to make more plants!

The Peperomia Santorini has large, greyish green pointed leaves with bright burgundy undersides, this stunning colour peaks through from the upturned leaves and makes for a striking display.

One of our pet friendly options for those of you with furry friends who like to nibble on your plants!

A fan-like, elegant houseplant that is sure to draw attention in your home.


Light: A medium level filtered light will be best however they are tolerant of lower light levels. 

Water: These plants like to dry out almost completely before watering as they store water in their waxy leaves. 

Food: During the growing season feed only once or twice with a half strength fertiliser. 

Humidity: Will tolerate a normal home humidity level however will appreciate a slightly raised humidity. Use the pebble tray method or mist semi-regularly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This plant is so unusual. Grey upper foliage with a pink/red underside. The grey has a sparkle...almost a glitter in certain lights. It came with actively growing flower spikes too. Really hope I can keep it going. Absolutely love it.

jessy rose

Thank you so much they’re amazing. Website is so helpful with pet safe plants!

Joe Franks
Good store

Great plant very happy

Chloe A
Amazing plants

Absolutely perfect plants - very healthy and beautifully and carefully packaged! Thank you!


I was worried at first cause it seems a bit hard to look after but this plant is worth it. Gorgeous almost velvety leaves, already growing. Also, absolutely spot on, careful packaging and a personal note from the seller really gave it a nice touch. Plus biodegradable packaging!