Chlorophytum Orchidastrum 'Fire Flash' (Spider Plant) & Pot
Chlorophytum Orchidastrum 'Fire Flash' (Spider Plant) & Pot
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chlorophytum Orchidastrum 'Fire Flash' (Spider Plant) & Pot

Chlorophytum Orchidastrum 'Fire Flash' (Spider Plant) & Pot

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Pot size (diameter): 13 cm, Approx Height: 40 cm.

Supplied in the matching pot photographed!

A distant relative of the common Spider Plant, the Chlorophytum Orchidastrum is a stand out in any home. Its bold orange stems branch out into long green leaves which have a 'crimped' appearance to the edges. Its colours compliment the matching pot perfectly and demand to be the centre of attention!

One of our pet friendly options for those of you with furry friends who like to nibble on your plants!

This plant needs very little from you, pop her on a windowsill, a bookcase or in a corner, water occasionally and leave her to flourish! An easy-care, air-purifying houseplant perfect for beginners.

Also known as 'Green Orange', Sierra Leone Lily, Mandarin Plant and Fire Glory.


Light: Bright, indirect light will produce the most beautiful plant, however it will tolerate lower light but expect colour loss and a slower growth.

Water: Keep soil quite moist during the growing season but let the top couple of inches of soil dry before watering. During winter months less water is required but do not let it dry out. 

Food: During the growing season lightly fertilise once a month. 

Humidity: A slightly increased humidity level is best for this plant, however it will also grow well in a normal household environment.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Plant

This was actually my first time buying anything living online, I was a bit dubious about having a plant posted knowing what mail services are like.
However I was completely blown away by the care and attention taken to package it, so much so, that I took a series of photos of every step of the unpacking process to send my family and friends. After unpacking there was not a leaf out of place, in fact there wasn't even a grain of soil out of place, it matched the website photo exactly, which brings me on to another point...
Another major worry I had about buying plants online was that you couldn't see them before hand, check the condition of the leaves, disease, pests, see the general health etc. As this was my first experience I was fully prepared to receive a plant that was smaller, and in a worse condition than what was shown on the listing, because obviously when advertising you would take a photo of the very best plant and there are no guarantees that the one you receive will be quite as magnificent. Well again I was proved wrong! Not only is the plant in great condition, it is exactly as the picture shown, it is so beautiful that you could take a photo of it and use it for the photo on the website!
All this coupled with the fact that it arrived so quickly it's put amazon to shame, and the personal touches in the form of hand written note and care advice, I will certainly be buying again, in fact browsing the website already to make a wish list!
I don't usually write reviews like this, I only usually feel the need if there has been a negative experience somewhere along the line, but I am so impressed with this plant, company and service.
One complaint though... we need photo reviews so we can show just how beautiful these plants are!


This plant is BEAUT! It came well packaged and quickly, a perfect addition to my jungle.

Beautiful plant, great packaging, quick delivery

Arrived quickly within two days of ordering, in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging. The plant arrived very well protected and was in perfect condition. Came with a hand written note and plant care guide. I will definitely be a frequent customer of this site. Ps this plant is absolutely gorgeous!

Quick, excellent packaging and plants in good conditions

I ordered two of these, one for myself and one as a gift. Both arrived just within two working days I ordered them. They came in a well-protected packaging, the plants look like they have been treated well and there was a personalised message with some advices on how to look after them. I will consider to shop with Moose Plant shop again in future.

Couldn’t ask for better!

Perfectly packaged for delivery and perfectly healthy plants, so happy! Will definitely be a loyal customer here.