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Hedera 'English Ivy' (Golden Kolibri)

Hedera 'English Ivy' (Golden Kolibri)

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Pot size (diameter): 9 cm.

Fits our Alicante Plant Pot 11 x 10cm.

You can't get much more classic than the English Ivy. Simple yet elegant, it's air purifying abilities are a bonus to its aesthetic appeal.

Although English Ivy is most commonly grown in hanging pots as a houseplant, you can easily train it to grow up a moss pole, trellis or even the side of a bookcase! It's adaptable nature and eagerness to spread out and explore means that you can be adventurous and experiment with how it best fits in your home.

As it is such a fast grower, your English Ivy will want repotting every couple of years with fresh soil so that it has the space and the nutrients to keep expanding.

'Golden Kolibri' is a variegated ivy, it's younger leaves are outlined in a bright yellow which pale slightly as they get older. This variation offers a pop of colour to a traditional leaf shape and will brighten any room.

An easy-care, air-purifying houseplant perfect for beginners.


Light: Tolerates a shaded position, however can tolerate up to bright indirect light. Finding a middle ground will produce a wider range of colours on the more colourful variants.

Water: Water regularly during growing seasons and keep the soil slightly moist. During winter reduce watering but do not let it dry out. 

Food: During growing seasons fertilise monthly to bimonthly. Do not feed during the winter. 

Humidity: Will tolerate a range of humidity as long as it stays the same throughout the year. A slightly higher humidity will ensure the healthiest leaves.