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Monstera Adansonii 'Monkey Mask'

Monstera Adansonii 'Monkey Mask'

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Pot size (diameter): 5.5 cm. Approx Height: 15 - 20 cm.

Supplied in a plastic pot. Fits our Boule mini plant pot and St Tropez 8 x 8cm pot.

An easy care plant which loves to be in a sunny spot and isn't too fussy about being under watered. A relative of the Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera Monkey Mask is characterised by its long oval fenestrations within the leaf.

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Light: Prefers bright, indirect light, but will also tolerate medium light (expect slower growth & leaf size).

Water: In the summer keep the soil moist, water when the top half dries out. However, more tolerant of being under watered than over watered (leaves will turn yellow when over watering occurs). In winter cut back on watering and allow to dry out before fully saturating the soil.

For best results water from underneath with the use of a saucer to reduce the chance of root rot. Reduce watering during winter months. 

Food: Fertilise regularly during the growing season (every other water), these plants will quickly develop discolouration on their leaves when under fertilised.

Humidity: Benefits most being in a high humidity environment, however is tolerant of a normal household humidity.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fiona Kelly

Perfect little plant 🪴

Sophie Blayrat
nice plant

overall lovely, unfortunately the tip of one leaf has been cut and an other is a bit damaged.
But It was packaged very carefully and all the other plants I've ordered were in perfect condition.

Beautiful plant

Beautiful plant in cute size;) as always all plants arrived nicely packed and secured!;)

Sophie Louise McGeever

Monstera Adansonii 'Monkey Mask' (2 sizes)

logan aston
Amazing Shop

plant was in sale and sold as “damaged” but came and looks super healthy for the price i paid, couldn’t recommend enough