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Senecio Herreianus 'String of Pearls'
Senecio Herreianus 'String of Pearls'
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Senecio Herreianus 'String of Pearls'

Senecio Herreianus 'String of Pearls'

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Pot size (diameter): 5.5 cm, Approx Height: 10 cm.

Supplied in a plastic pot. Fits our mini St Tropez plant pot, Waves Pot and Happy Face Pink Plant Pot.

It’s easy to see how this succulent plant earned its name!

Like other succulents, you are most at risk of damaging this plant by overwatering it. Resist the urge to over-care for your String of Pearls and allow it to dry out between moderate waterings.

This beautiful hanging plant deserves space to trail, over a windowsill or book case is perfect as long as it is getting enough sun. These plants crave indirect sun, their ideal conditions would be a south facing window where they can catch the morning sun. Avoid direct sunlight as they can experience sunburn.

It is worth mentioning that the beautiful leaves on the String of Pearls are quite delicate and they may lose a few strands during transit, don’t worry though! This gives you the opportunity to propagate them and grow even more plants.


Light: Prefers indirect light in the mornings but can tolerate a range of lighting. Can experience sunburn in direct sun.

Water: For best results watch the plant as it will tell you when it needs watering, when thirsty the 'teardrop' leaves will shrivel and lose their shape. Let the plant completely dry in between waterings as they are sensitive to overwatering.

Feed: Only feed once or twice a year to maintain the jumping dolphin appearance.

Humidity: Will thrive at a normal home humidity but would appreciate lower humidity during winter months.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent plant and service. Thank you Moose Plant Shop 😊

Little pot of perfection

It arrived beautifully wrapped and protected. When I opened it up, all the pearls were attached and well rooted. Healthy little pot of pearls

Jess Radford Hoare
Really great service

String of pearls in healthy plant on arrival, can’t wait to see how it grows!

Melanie Newnham
Great value healthy plants

Good value, healthy plants, fast delivery
Will definitely buy from this shop again

Hazel Paterson
Really healthy plant

Really pleased, packaged well with care, care to the plant and environment. My plant is really healthy and I’m really happy with her. Care sheet is hand written too so all in all very happy